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I am freelance translator, copywriter, content writer and web search evaluator.
It all started with my passion to languages when I discovered that my patient, detail-oriented and self-motivated nature is perfectly fits to this profession.
After spending more than 10 years living abroad in Russia, China and Italy working in multinational teams as a customer service assistant, sales woman and a marketer I found myself capable to start something by myself using the platform like this where I believe people can find amazing developing opportunities and, what is most important, learn and maybe help others to learn.
So back to the topic:
I am very passionate about Chinese, Russian and English languages. I make a certain amount of translations to these languages every day, plus my Linguistic background allows me to use all the languages I know not only as a working language but also as a marketing linguistic devices in foregrounding, the advertiser marks, stresses, or contrasts in a unique, noteworthy manner which is conveyed to the consumer. I also quite confident in reading and writing in Spanish and Estonian.
In my previous working place I have been involved in writing press releases, planning marketing campaigns, keeping social media up to date and doing general communication with the press and other departments for almost a year. I love the fast paced nature of this role and would like to continue my career further for a long time to come.
I have also recently got interested in online marketing and specifically got involved in search engines and optimization techniques. Therefore I am looking for an opportunity to work in an organization where I can develop my skills in a relative field.
I have been an avid user of Chinese and Western social networks for a long time and enjoy the world of social media and communicating with the outside world.
My past work experience allows me to be confident communicator am very organized in my work and have a creative nature. I like to work hard to ensure that I get my work completed and never miss deadlines.
I am a detail-oriented person, good at internet research and I have a deep knowledge of web culture.
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